ArtTeam Robmat Bulter and Barron Hall

Much like theme parks and tourist attractions, our installations seek to mine the memory and nostalgia of the viewer, transporting them through filtered, playful and romanticized spaces that distract from the present. We build enticing places that are curious, yet familiar. They encourage viewer movement and participation. We want viewers to be reminded of past experience, to be aware of their physical space, and to employ their memory to make the space their own.

We propose constructing a unique, new installation at ArtFields 2018 that would utilize locally found materials and reclaimed lumber to create one of these nostalgic environments. The installation would, ideally be large enough for viewers to move through and to interact with. It would include sound and light elements similar to what can be found in the images submitted. The installation would also incorporate references to local architecture and history. We would provide all tools and materials.


Artfields 2018
Lake City, South Carolina

Materials used

Recycle Material, Pallet Wood, Hardware
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