I am not sure if everyone views time the same way I do. My life is divided between strictly controlled time and moments of opportunity. I regiment my time so that when I have the small beautiful occasion to fritter away time I am able to so with less consequence, a sort of a check and balance system.

For my purposes, time has become the vehicle through which I am able to experience everything. I see time as a series of moments. These moments measure slowly and others advance extremely fast. I embrace all of these speeds, while searching for the point of repose.  I can misplace myself in physical labor or feel time creep by while watching a sunset.

“I have adjusted the way I navigate through time”.

I have stepped outside my common notions of time; I have accepted and redefined the way that I view my life and move through time. I’m concerned that many people have not made this decision and because of this unwillingness to decide, they opt for the circumstance to take charge.  By investigating the limits of time, I am better able to make use of it. I make allowances for moments of reflection by creating spaces in a day, a week, a month, a year and a lifetime for these events to occur.