TIME CLOCK is representation of the standard office cubicle. When you approach the exhibit you are enlisted to clock in to the piece. After signing your time card and clocking in you are entreated to go around the corner and pick up the next cup on the rack. The cups were individually thrown porcelain on a wheel and time stamped with the amount of time it took to prepare them. The exhibit tells you that you must break the glassy cup within the amount of time stamped on the cup and with the safety equipment and hammer provided. After breaking said cup you need to clock back out of the piece and place the time card in the rack provided.


2007 Emerging Excellence NCECA Southeast Universities Show,Louisville, KY, USA

2008 Crafting Content: Ceramic Symposium, National Juried Show, University of Arkansas, juror John Perreault Fayetteville, Ak

Materials used

Porcelain, Office Supplies, Construction Materials, Participatory,

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