ACCESS is a specific installation at the Union Grove Gallery, Huntsville, AL University of Alabama. This work was inspired by controlling the movement and viewing space of the viewers in relation to the artwork that is positioned around the walls in the gallery. This work included a last will and testament that goes with a countdown “death clock” that counts down to the death of Barron on the back wall of the gallery that you only see on the way out of the space. The video that plays continuous on the front wall shows a sunrise and a sunset that each take an hour to cycle through in real time, the viewers tend to sit and watch on the boardwalk as if it were on a lake or an ocean. The other wall has a series of miniature snow globes that force the viewer to lean off the boardwalk to try and see them up close.


Union Grove Gallery,University of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Materials used

Decking, Construction Materials, HO Scale, Lighting, Digital, Video,

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